About SMU Art Collection

Lotus Pond (2001) by Jintana Piamsiri at Administration Building Level 7

The SMU Art Collection is an integral part of the cultural and intellectual life on campus. The Collection enlivens the city campus and enhances the educational experience by encouraging lively discourse on aesthetics, culture and history.

The Collection comprises over 270 artworks in the university's permanent collection and loan collections, many of which are on long-term display. With its mix of Singapore, Southeast Asia, and international modern and contemporary artworks, the Collection reflects SMU’s vision as a global-city university in Asia. Largely acquired through the generosity of donors, artists and supporters, artworks grace the Campus Green, building entrances, hallways and libraries throughout SMU campus—thereby deepening a sense of place and experience of space, and further strengthening SMU’s role as a stakeholder in the Civic District and Bras Basah.Bugis Precinct.

SMU wishes to recognise the generosity and commitment of donors, artists and supporters who have made the SMU Art Collection possible.

Come discover the SMU Art Collection while exploring the campus! The map below provides an overview of which campus buildings house artworks from the Collection. The map also highlights artworks featured on our self-guided audio tours of public art and campus art

SMU Art Trails