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OVERGROWTH: An Artist’s Workshop on Collective Imagination & Resistance

09 Mar 2024
Location: Singapore Management University, Li Ka Shing Library, Hive, Level 2, 70 Stamford Road S178901

Registration: https://forms.gle/kxJQ1MMz5ayuV7nA7

Open to general public


Overgrowth is a one-day programme on speculative narrative, and collective imagination and resistance. Conceptualised by artist Priyageetha Dia as part of her artist residency with SMU Libraries, the programme includes a student project showcase from SMU-X’s Virtual Reality for Business, and a series of workshops led by artists and curators whose practice takes an interest in digitality and Southeast Asia.

Join us for a day of exploring, communing and eating—lunch and afternoon tea provided. This programme is also open to the general public.



Artist in the classroom: Student project showcase from SMU-X’s Virtual Reality for Business

11:30AM - 11.35AM

Introduction by Priyageetha Dia, SMU Libraries Artist-in-Residence 2023

11:35AM - 12:15PM

Introduction and Presentation by Teoh Jin Sheng, SMU School of Computing and Information Systems 2021

12:15PM - 1PM

VR Walkthrough & Lunch

Workshop on collective imagination & resistance

1PM - 1:15PM

Introduction by Priyageetha Dia, SMU Libraries Artist-in-Residence 2023

1:15PM - 1:45PM

Possible Futures: Speculating as a Curatorial Method by Syaheedah Iskandar, Assistant Curator of Singapore Art Museum

1:45PM - 2PM


2PM - 2:30PM

Exercises of the Image-as-Data: Automation, Augmentation, and Annotation by Nurul Huda Rashid, Researcher - Writer

2:30PM - 2:45PM


2:45PM - 3:30PM

Moving Castle(s): Collective Communing and Steering in the Digital Age by TO NEW ENTITIES, Art and Creative Collective

3:30PM - 3:45PM


3:45PM - 4:30PM

Discussion and Q&A accompanied by afternoon tea




Syaheedah Iskandar | Possible Futures: Speculating as a Curatorial Method

What does it mean to challenge hegemonic perspectives, histories and narratives? How do we tell stories for the future? This session will expand on the potentialities of contemporary artistic practices from Southeast Asia, and how we may think about glossaries or terminologies for the collective future.


Syaheedah Iskandar is Assistant Curator at Singapore Art Museum. She works with vernacular ideas of seeing, thinking, and being. Drawing from Southeast Asia’s visual culture(s), she is interested in the entanglements between the unseen, the hypervisual, and their translations from material to new media practices. She holds a MA in History of Art and Archaeology from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. 


Nurul Huda Rashid | Exercises of the Image-as-Data: Automation, Augmentation, and Annotation

In the advent of the data turn, images have become the image-as-data, circulated and correlated through new algorithmic logic in search engines. Images are consumed through a new visual ecology of ‘thumbnails’, which generate multiple images (and semantics) from each search keyword. It creates a new mode of image-as-data consumption for us as users. This workshop will introduce 3 exercises responding to Automation, Augmentation, and Annotation, each employing a distinct process in how the image-as-data is activated.


Nurul Huda Rashid is a researcher-writer currently completing her PhD. Her dissertation examines the algorithmic visuality of Muslim women images and is a continuation of her visual arts practice. Her practice engages with images and narratives, visual and sentient bodies, feminisms, and the intersections between them. These have been articulated through visual projects such as Women in War (2016-ongoing) and via art and photography workshops, focusing on issues of care in image-making. Nurul hopes to adopt a cat someday.


TO NEW ENTITIES | Moving Castle(s): Collective Communing and Steering in the Digital Age

From the ratha yatra (chariot festival) in India to the ngupruk parades of Bali, societies have across time, collectively steered monuments as rituals. Moving Castles is an updated methodology for collective communing and steering that advocates for collective agency and participation in modular and interoperable environments in the digital age. This workshop will introduce some of the key propositions of moving castles and exemplify how they can be co-created, managed, and collectively steered.


TO NEW ENTITIES is an art and creative collective that builds media worlds. They operate through curation, digital environment and exhibition making, digital and tech support for artists, film programming, the production of art, and more.

Most recently, they curated and organised ‘Crossroads’ (2022/4) the first digital billboard art festival in Singapore, and the exhibition ‘Contemporary Gestures’ (2022) representing Singapore on international platform The Upside Space. They were also selected for participation in the independent art book fair SPRINT Milano (2022/3) in Spazzio Maiocchi, Milan; the inaugural BoluevArt Festival, Art in Space, Dubai; and the Rockaway Art Festival, hosted by Rhizome and Do Not Research at The Locker Room, New York.